How to Bet on Handball

Handball bets gain popularity among sports betting users. National leagues along with International leagues give a true push to bets on handball matches.

Users can choose from a wide range of betting types on handball matches, including:

Line betting - betting on the outcome of the game of handball, or otherwise found as 1X2

Half Time - betting on the outcome of handball match at halftime

Half Time / Full Time - betting on the outcome of the game of handball at half-time and at full-time

Half with most points scored - betting on the half that will have the most points scored

Race for points - betting on which team will reach first in the match a defined number of points

Outright - betting on the winning tournament team (bet on the winning team in a tournament / season)

There are many other types of betting available on handball, and many combinations of the above.

Below are some useful resources for documentation about the games and handball tournaments: