How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball betting enjoys a high popularity especially due to the extent of the Euroleague or the NBA tournament. The large number of basketball games in any season is making the fans to get to know their teams and fixtures for the ability to bet on winners.

Users can choose from a wide range of betting types on basketball matches, including:

Line betting - betting on the winning basketball team of the match, or otherwise, and found as 12 (no draw)

1X2 - match winning bets (bets accepted on the home team, away team or draw)

Double chance - double chance bets (either team = 12, 1X = home team or draw, or away team or draw = X2)

Handicap - betting on a team winning a match considering the handicap provided to one of the teams (imaginary advantage)

Over / under - betting on total points scored during a basketball match

Winning Margin - betting on one team to win at a chosen point difference

Odd / even - bet on total points scored (odd or even number)

Most points quarter - betting on the quarter with the most points scored by both teams

Outright - betting on the winning tournament team (bet on the winning team in a tournament / season)

There are many other types of betting available on basketball, and many combinations of the above.

Below are some useful resources for documentation about the games and basketball tournaments: