How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis betting also enjoys a high popularity among gamblers. Large number of tennis matches in any season, same players on the tennis courts are just some of the reasons tennis betting attracts a considerable number of fans.

Users can choose from a wide range of betting types on tennis matches, including:

Match - betting on the winner of a tennis match, or otherwise found as 12. Since there is no possibility of a tie, the winner will be only one of the tennis players.

First set - betting on winning the first set

First set / Match winner - betting on the winner of the first set and a tennis match

First set exacta - correct score bets on the first set

Sets - betting on sets gained by each participant during match (correct score)

Number of sets - betting on the number of sets played

Handicap - betting on match winner with a player starting with a handicap (imaginary advantage)

Total games - bets on the total number of games during a tennis match

Outright - betting on the winning tournament player (bet on the winning player in a tournament / season)

There are many other types of betting available on tennis, and many combinations of the above.

Below are some useful resources for documentation about the games and tennis tournaments: